Isabell: Then & Now (The Life behind the movie "Say Something")

For many years I ran away. Mostly from myself. I could not handle everything I was feeling, so tried to cover up my emotions with harmful substances. Eventually, I realized I needed to step out and see the whole picture, I needed to change my habits and choose another way of living. Throughout my personal journey, I felt very lonely and I wished someone would have handed me a book or a course.If you identify yourself with any of that, if you feel the same, then this book is for you.I wrote this book because I know that there are people like you who are feeling the same pain I felt. Or maybe those days are in your past, but you are still struggling to move forward. I want you to know that you are not alone. And most of all, that you can get out of it and become what you are meant to be.Today I am a coach, speaker, blogger and I am a survivor of abuse. I am happily married and traveled to over 50 countries and found my place in the world and I am here to help you find yours.

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